Workwear brand RIMECK® combines super-durable material and quality craftsmanship with the background of renowned producer of promotional textile ADLER. Work trousers, bib trousers, vests and jackets RIMECK® are made of quality heavyweight fabrics . In the outdoor collection Ranger there is CORDURA® fabric added  which is used also in the army clothing. In spite of the high strength, the material offers comfort and provides exceptional resistance to scrapes, scuffs and abrasions. That way serving the purpose for a long time.

RIMECK® products are defined by comfortable and reasonably designed patterns and proper craftsmanship. The products have number of pockets for everything that may come in handy. So the work is not only easier but also safer. Reflective versions of the products which contribute to the work safety are available in the collection HIGH-VISIBILITY.

  • Comfortable cut and practical functionality
  • Higher visibility ensuring safety at work
  • Extreme durability due to CORDURA® fabric
  • Quick delivery, customer care and additional services of ADLER company